Re-creating My Personal Website using Nuxt 3.

July 1st, 2022

Hi, there 👋 Welcome to my new personal site.

After years of using wordpress as a CMS for my blog, I finally tried to re-brand this website using Nuxt 3. The reason I use Nuxt 3 is because I want to try the latest features in version 3 and before I have made an application web uses Nuxt 2 so I want to know the difference.

The technology stack I used to create this website:

  • Nuxt 3
  • Nuxt Content
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Vercel

On this website you can find various random notes of mine, profile about me and some simple tools that I made using Vue.js. Simple tools that will also be my playground with Vue js.

Maybe in the future there will be many changes that occur on this website because I will also still be developing. So, welcome back to my new website and I hope you enjoy it.

Januar Fonti

Software Engineer

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